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Will it stick this time?

Posted in art, cerri lee, druid, druidism, druidry, pagan, paganism, sculpture, shamanism, spirituality, wicca, witchcraft on December 20, 2007 by cerrilee

My partner Damh the Bard is determined to get me into the technological age! So far he has meet with stubborn resistance to anything internet based as a form of communication for me.

How ever it has occurred to me that maybe putting finger to keyboard in a blog about my creative process would a good way for me to more fully understand it and even bring in new ways to express myself.

So just this short introductory post for today as it is the festive season and there is much to be organised for the ceremony up the Long Man Hill tomorrow for our Winter Solstice celebration.

May the rebirth of the light bring new strength and vision for the coming year.